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Bob and Evil-O (her name is Olive but she spells it backwards) have a strange new classmate this year. Imre is the only kid who gets bused to school. He is small and quiet and kind of gloomy and Evil-O really likes him. Bob doesn't -- and it's not because he's jealous. Well, not much.

When the news breaks that Imre is actually undead, he becomes an international celebrity and a focus for protest. Media haunt the school, the parent council is split, and the "Z" word is on everybody's lips. Plenty of opportunity for hatred, horror, and hi jinks.

Bob must face the possibility of losing his best friend, and overcome his personal fear of zombies to see Imre as an individual. In the shocking climax, Bob has to make a choice.

Zomboy is a funny, creepy, and moving story about friendship and fitting in. But don’t be fooled by all this serious talk. It’s a book with zombies in it.

Shortlisted for the Red Maple Award
Shortlisted for the Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award
Shortlisted for the Red Cedar Award
Shortlisted for the Sunburst Award


Forest Of Reading -- oh yeah! ZOMBOY is a Red Maple nominee. Teachers: pay attention! Order the books. Walk through the forest. Ontario students will get a chance to vote for Zomboy next spring. Of course (PLEEEASE!) I am too cool to ask (PLEEEEEEASE VOTE FOR ME!) a favour, so I won't do that (I'M BEGGING YOU!)

Actually, it's a great Red Maple list. I love Kenneth Oppel's stuff, and you don't need me to tell you how wonderful Eric Walters and Sarah Ellis and Sigmund Brouwer are. And these are the guys I know. The other selections sound good too -- funny, thoughtful, kinda deep. I would feel depressed thinking about how good the competition is, if this was a competition. But it isn't. I want you to like my book, but I want you to like the others too. Yeah, someone wins an award, but that's not the point. You guys get to read some good books. That's the point.

Canadian Review of Materials

"A thoroughly original, quirky, and highly entertaining story, this book is classic Scrimger. Without any trace of earnestness, he turns the story of Imre into an allegory on xenophobia, a touching story of friendship, and a somewhat campy adventure that taps into, and yet subverts, kids’ love of horror and monsters. Bob is an obsessive, unusual and yet thoroughly believable pre-teen, and his narration rings entirely true to his ironic, worldly, cynical, and highly immature nature. His conflicting feelings about Imre play out in an open, natural way. Evil-O, his much more fearless companion, turns the typical boy-girl relationship on its head. But it is Imre who is the best invention, an awkward, deadpan, self-mocking young man who hides great emotional pain while laughing at his own inability to stop his hands from falling off (he re-attaches them with duct tape). . . . Zomboy is a highly original and substantial book, and fans of Scrimger will not be disappointed."


Readerly / National Reading Campaign

"Award-winning author and perennial favourite, Richard Scrimger, returns with wit, gore, and zany zombie antics in Zomboy, a humourous spoof of the modern quest for an inclusive society. Overweight, neurotic, and unswervingly logical, Bob is an accessible voice of reason amidst the hysterical politics that overtake Dresden, and children will recognize and understand his hesitance and suspicion, even as they delight in Imre’s accidental popularity. Zomboy builds to a satisfying climax as befits a good zombie novel. Scrimger’s lighthearted take on zombie fiction is a fast and frenzied ride through the world of political correctness, with an unobtrusive lesson on empathy and acceptance thrown into the bargain."

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Published by Harper Collins

Cover artwork used with permission.
All rights reserved.

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