Me & Death: An Afterlife Adventure.

The story of one boy’s experience with the (not so) sweet hereafter. Fresh from having stolen a piece of fruit and taunting the grocer, Jim, a fourteen-year-old wannabe gangster, bully, and car thief, is run over by a car. What follows is a hilarious, bleak, and ultimately hopeful visit to the afterworld... With imagery from the mean streets as well as the arcade, Me and Death is thought-provoking, exciting, sad, and funny — sometimes all at the same time.

"The cosmology of Scrimger's afterlife manages the feat of being as inventive, playful and elaborate as a video game yet permeated with keen truths about this life, and maybe the next one, too. This is a quick-paced, entertaining read, yet the subtly handled beats of regret, loss and terror resonate."

- Vancouver Sun

"Scrimger’s novel is a difficult, compelling read that taps into teens’ fascination with death, as well as the line between good and bad behavior."

- Booklist

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