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Of Mice & Nutcrackers

Of Mice & Nutcrackers

Of Mice & Nutcrackers The class is putting on The Nutcracker for the holiday pageant and Jane Peeler's in charge. Things are not going well. The phys ed teacher won't let her use the gym to rehearse, Herald of Candyland can't get his lines straight, she may be losing her best friend, and she's worried about home because Dad's sick and Grandma - irritable, chain-smoking, noncooking Grandma - is taking care of the family. How is Jane going to pull together a project that seems like it is destined to fail?

“All manner of things go wrong, although eventually many things go very right. Getting to there is full of antic humour…but underlying the fun is…a weightiness driven by the novel's characters and their concerns, which makes this novel most satisfying.”

- Globe & Mail

"Dance, drama, and a star turn make this a page-turning tale."

- Kirkus Reviews

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