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don't panic -- it's not winter yet

Summer is over and work --  well it never stops does it.  But it's a little more comfy weather-wise while I am working.  News?  I have no roommates.  My flat seems strangely empty and quiet and tidy now that Ed and his girl have moved to Montreal where they will go to school.   I was much impressed by their neighborhood -- fun part of the city, pedestrian mall in the next block, lots of charming stores and bars and restaurants.  I strolled around and said, aloud, I could live here.  My ex who was walking with me (we had driven with Ed and his clothes and drum kit) leaned over to whisper, Winter is coming. Very Game of Thrones-y. Oh yeah, I said.  Montreal is a great place in the summer, maybe not so great under yards of snow.

Ed is not the only departure.  Thea is gone too.  She and her guy have gone to the states, maybe for a long time. They will do fine.  They are both hardy adventurers as long as there are no bugs.   And -- more news -- they have taken my car. Yup, for the first time in a quarter century I have no vehicle to repair and fill up with gas and pay insurance on.  I am okay with this.  In fact I am delighted -- for now.  I try not to look too smug as I scoot past standing traffic on my bike.  Of course time is passing.  In a couple of months I will feel the cold more without a car.  Moving around will involve more planning and more warm clothes.  After all, winter is coming here too.


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