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First post in a while, and first here on my revamped website. (Hence the picture - these pandas mated for the first time in 10 years.) There are two reasons for my absence from blog world. They run neck and neck, so I can't say which is the more important.

One reason is laziness. I don't have to elaborate. We all know this one. Laziness is instinctive. Built into the condition of being alive. It's easier to do nothing than to do something. We only act when the alternative to action is worse than the labour involved - running away to avoid being eaten, completing the assignment to avoid a lawsuit. If there are additional obstacles to endeavour - if, say, you forget how to log into your website, or your website is under renovation - then the cost of action is even higher.

So that's one reason why I have not posted.

Reason number two is more thought out than instinctive. I'll call it diffidence. I have trouble believing that y'all care what I think about - well - anything. Why should you? My insights are no better than yours. No more illuminating, no funnier, no more likely to change minds or hearts, no more worthwhile.

So why am I here now? A certain amount of effort is involved (maybe not much, but some) and a certain amount of mental push. The effort is selfish. I am here because I want to be here. I like the feeling I get when the words out of my keyboard say what I want them to say. It's the feeling a farrier gets from a well-shod horse, or a political strategist from a well-run campaign, with the difference that they get paid directly for their labours and I do not.

The mental push is easier for me to achieve here because I am addressing readers who are already on my website. Who have a certain vested interest in me and my words.

In short, I am talking to you, and that makes me feel better.

Good to be back. You'll probably hear from me more often now. As long as I can overcome that existential laze.


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