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Going Over The Top

The new book is about to get its official blessing. In two hours the team behind Camp FUNdament (working title) will meet for the first time. Brilliant Mel, me, Hardworking Anne, our old editor, and (drumroll) Amanda, our new one will talk schedules and details.

Yes, Hardworking Anne is deserting us! Going on to bigger and better things. How can she walk away from Camp FUNdament? you ask. She claims to be conflicted, but I suspect she says this to all her authors, and is looking forward to her new gig.

I wonder what it will be like, working with (I mean under) Amanda? Will she crack a whip or a joke? Will she tell us how wonderful the prose is before stroganoffing it, or start right in with the knife?

I’m cautiously hopeful. But then, British soldiers were cautiously hopeful before the Battle of the Somme. Let’s see if we can make it to that sunken road…


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