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Hello Mozambique!

I was puzzled to get a comment on my blog in another language. I know I have tens of thousands -- well, tens of hundreds -- well, all right, tens -- of regular readers, and perhaps as many again who look in every now and then, but I wasn't aware of a foreign audience. The message, when translated, was flattering:

I very liked this post and its blog is very interesting, goes to pass for here always =) Later gives passing back in my site, that is on the CresceNet, waits that it likes. The address of it is One I hug.

I would worry about my blog being used to shill for the company, except for the emoticon. That sold me. What self-respecting soulless corporation would use emoticons? No no, I am convinced that there is someone -- someone loyal to the crescenet company -- who happens to like my blog. So you ten out there, you're not alone. Around the world -- in Portugal or Brazil anyway, or maybe somewhere else where they speak Portuguese -- Angola, Macau, or Guinea Bissau, say -- is another Scrimger fan. One I hug. Aww.


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