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hope deferred

I know you are wondering if my laptops have come in yet. I'd love to tell you that the wait is over, but I cannot. They are still in transit. Should I give up hope? Perhaps. Have I in fact given up hope? No. I texted my man Bill on Friday, saying, wtf, and he texted me back right away saying he had just sent the package off and it would be here Monday. Is it a good sign that he sent later than he said he would? No. But it's not the end of hope. He might have delayed sending because he is lazy and disorganized. My imaginary portrait of Bill shows a lazy and disorganized guy. (For some reason I see him with a dingy and ill-trimmed moustache, and bags under the eyes. His jeans are too tight because he has recently put on some weight and he's too lazy to get new pants. Also because he can't afford new pants yet -- he's waiting for a few dollars from the sale of his laptops. )

With such nonsense do I attempt to pacify my inner doubt, which would otherwise be squalling like an underfed infant. I can't help wondering why Bill bothered to respond to my text. If this is all a scam, wouldn't he just ignore me? Or send Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah.

Monday is the day. I will know more on Monday. If the package has not arrived by tomorrow at this time, I will phone Bill. I hope he's not out buying pants that fit him better.


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