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Just When You Think It's Safe To Exhale

You think you’re done. And then…

Got the final edited copy of Autumn Bird And The Runaway yesterday. Very profesh indeed. The cover letter refers to it acronymically: ABATR. On the screen, it looks like a book. Page breaks, chapter head illustrations, cool fonts.

Yay! Are we done?


Our painstaking copy editor – who smiles wearily every time I mistype her name as Eric or Aaron or Tabitha – Painstaking Erin neatened and nitpicked and passed the file to Hardworking Anne, who went through the clean copy one last time, flagged ‘a few’ little last-minute things, and sent it on.

‘We’re almost there!’ she raves, reminding me of high-school cheerleaders who wore giant smiles even though the other team had just scored.

Almost there. Define ‘almost.’

There are 3 pages (single-spaced!) of queries. Does Cody mean splashes of paint on the wall or on the painting? Your chapter has Cody running away but Melanie’s chapter has him listening to the girls. Are you sure… What about … I’m still not quite ….

Yes, we are almost there. And Achilles is just about to catch that tortoise.


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