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mystery unexplained

Electricity is funny stuff. I was in the bathroom just now (I know, I know -- you do not need all these personal details) and the fluorescent vanity light over the sink came on. The bulb died about a year ago. I replaced it about six months ago, and it worked for a bit, and then quit. And I shrugged and forgot about it. The overhead bulb worked. I do not need to see my blemishes in vivid detail when I shave. But there I was this morning, and the darn thing flickered a couple of times and came on. Huh, I thought, and continued what I was doing. Can you imagine feeling that casually about the performance of anything that was not electric? If you squeezed your accordion and no sound came out, and then a month later it did, you'd think that was strange, wouldn't you? If your sunglasses didn't block the sunlight very well, and then you tried them on another time, and they worked perfectly ... See my point? If your brother-in-law got a job, you'd be delighted. If your kid started bringing home Fs, you'd be worried. If Dr Seuss stopped rhyming, you'd think you were going crazy. But what do you do when your toaster fails? Or your radio? You tap the appliance a couple of times (don't try that with your brother-in-law unless he's much smaller than you) and then sigh and have cereal or conversation. No biggie, here. Electricity is weird, that's all I'm saying. I didn't really miss my fluorescent bathroom light when it was gone. But I plan to enjoy it for as long as it's back. A mysterious gift.


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