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Friendship is a good thing to portray, but it should be seen to develop naturally. How fast is too fast? In the Bible Camp book, Kyle and Adele have already experienced (I won’t say enjoyed because they didn’t) some inadvertent intimacy. They are going to work together on a shared craft project. I think they are going to be friends. But I don’t know how smoothly the connection should progress.

Right now it seems like they have it too easy. The chapter I just sent off has a couple of blushes and smiles and some growing awareness. (That’s what I’m calling it, anyway.) I feel we need a small hurdle, a touch of angst and conflict and misunderstanding, before the mutual exorcism that will bring them back together, and may get us banned all over again.

If Mel cannot find a way to separate our heroes in the next chapter, I’ll have to send one of them away.


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