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The End Of A Long Long Road...

Got the final proofs from Hardworking Anne last night. “Next time you see this, it’ll be a book,” she said. She also said she was proud to be associated with it.

Very nice of her. Mind you, how many moms hold out their newborns with a shudder? Rosemary, maybe, but not too many others.

This is the end of a lengthy twisty traffic-filled road. It’s been interesting to chart the state of my headspace along the writing way. This semi-public space has let you all in on it.

For the record, I’m pleased with the product.

Will readers and reviewers ‘get’ the story we are trying to tell? I hope so.

I used to be part of a small-town theater troupe. Not quite Waiting for Guffman (but not not Waiting For Guffman). Anyway, I remember one performance in front of very quiet house. Sondheim? I think so. That night we were absolutely nailing it, but there were almost no laughs or applause. A more talented and experienced actor gave me a rueful grin backstage and said, “They’re missing a very good show out there.”

So if anyone doesn’t ‘get’ what Melanie and I are trying to say, well, they’re missing a very good book out there.

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