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Up To Me!

Melanie sent her chapters back. It’s my turn now. It’s up to me. I’ve got to get us to the ultimate - or penultimate -- or perhaps pre-penultimate stage of the book. I’ll be getting down to my work soon. Just thought I'd bring y'all up to date.

Yup, any minute now I’ll get the idea that will drive our story forward. And THEN I’ll be fully engaged. Nothing will hold me back. Because if there’s one thing I DON’T do it’s procrastinate.

Nope. I don’t delay. I don’t dawdle, hesitate, loiter, linger, pause, or bother to look up synonyms for procrastinate in a thesaurus.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m not a foot-dragger, staller, slowpoke or shilly-shallyier.

Any of my editors. Any of my collaborators. Any of my students. Any of my children. Any of my exes (in fact, some of them might give you a decidedly different … I mean, them too).


You may wonder if I actually HAVE the idea - the particular go-ahead idea --yet. The answer is no. Not as such. Not quite.

But I’m sure to get it any minute now. It’ll come down on me like the rain, like the Assyrian, like a grand piano on Yosemite Sam.

Meanwhile, I’ll just finish this YouTube video. Do you know how many ways there are to prepare bok choy?


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