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The first draft of Camp Fundament is finished and sent off to the editor. It’s rough but ready. (Wasn’t there a TV show with a dog and a cat? Mists of memory so this must be a long way back. Let me check.... Yup. That's them. )

And what do we do now?

Many of you know from your own experience. Many others can guess. For those who are still in the dark, the answer is: we wait.

That’s what we’ve been doing for a week or two now. And we’re still doing it. Of course waiting is not a comprehensive activity. While you’re waiting, you’re working on other projects. I am dealing with last minute to and fros on that writing book which is my new thumbnail, for instance. Also in my in-basket: a graphic novel about a bully. And a picture book about a monster.

Am I ignoring Camp Fundament?  Of course not. Waiting also means worrying, rethinking, and resigning yourself.  I’m getting good at that.

I’ll get back to you when there’s news. Which may be in a week.

Or may not.


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