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What is it good for?

Social media is about connection. That is its value. You can be part of a community without having to get dressed. At the important end of the connection spectrum, you can join a revolt or demonstration and bring down the government. At the trivial end, you can ooh and ahh over your pals’ dessert choices.

What else? It’s a forum, a way to be seen and heard. At the harmless end, “Look at me! Be impressed by my amazing family/vacation/book cover/whatever.” Or, on the harmful end of that spectrum, “Look at them! Be appalled/titillated by choices they have made or had made for them.”

Thirdly, it’s a way to solicit help for a project. That’s why I’m posting today. This is NOT an opportunity to like my page or come to my book launch or play a game with me. (Now I think of it, that is kind of adorable. Anyone want to come out and play?) No, this is about an apartment for my daughter. She’s staying with me now. I love her to death but … but …

I’ll leave it at that. Anyone with teens or twenty-somethings will know what I mean.

Come on, people. Prove the value of social media. There are literally dozens of you out there. Who knows of a place for rent in downtown Toronto? The apartments she’s looked at over the last month or two were all snapped up by insiders. Maybe they or their friends or parents posted on social.

Call this an experiment. Of course buying a lottery ticket is an experiment, too.

Meanwhile, please like this pic of my breakfast!


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