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About Me

I am, Richard Scrimger, Canadian writer, speaker and young adult educator.

What’s top of mind right now? Like I said on the Home Page, Irresistible is available in bookstores and online. To find out more about it, check out YouTube. Ted and I made a couple of videos talking about the Almost Epic Squad and about story in general. Check em out at Ted Staunton Books.

Yes, I should get my own channel. One of these days. One of these days!

It’s not official, but I hope to work really soon with a MYSTERIOUS author WHOM I’VE LONG ADMIRED on a book from two points of view: rich/poor, girl/boy, indigenous/white. Guess which one I am? You think you’re so smart!

I’m almost finished my how-to book about writing. It’s very hands-on. As you read, you craft a story yourself. The book is called Your Story Matters. Yes It Does. I’ll tell you when it comes out.

And I’m hard at work on two more novels. Thanks to social distancing, I may get ‘em both done. One is sad but funny, the other is funny but sad.

Enough for now. For news about my whereabouts - at home for the foreseeable future - check out my blog. I promise (fingers crossed) to keep it up to date.

- Richard Scrimger (he/him/his) 

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