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What's New?

Hey my new book’s out. It exists as a physical thing. I have a copy, and you can get one too. Order it here. Or not. I won’t be mad if you don’t. I’ll just have to tell my kids there’s no dinner tonight.


Wow, that’s weird. It came out upside down. Let me try again.

OK, that’s better. Irresistible is part of a series about kids with goofy superpowers. Find out more about the series at Or take a look at the trailer below. 

And while I have you here, the 20th anniversary of The Nose From Jupiter is also out. I love the new cover.

20 years. Wow. That’s probably longer than you’ve been alive. Heck, it sometimes seems longer than I’ve been alive. But it was more than 20 years ago that I was writing it, and it’s still around. Is that cool? I mean, I have kids who are older. I have freckles that are older. I have shirts that are older. So maybe it’s not that cool. (And maybe I should get rid of those old shirts.)

Are you bored of all these new things from a great Canadian writer like Richard Scrimger?

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