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I’m bad at social media for a couple of reasons. One is that so much of it is self-promotion. I get embarrassed. Who am I that I should pop into your life with news about me?

It’s a different story on my website. You wouldn’t be here unless you were already interested in me. So I might as well tell you the news. Not the bad news (I have a cavity! My roof leaks! I’m out of coleslaw! I forgot my daughter’s birthday!) but the good news. Such as it is.

Here’s a sampling of stuff I thought about putting out there, and never got round to. Nothing major. I did not win an Emmy or Nobel. I was not asked to join the Senate or The Club At The Ivy. I did not get a gushing fan girl call from Disney wanting to buy rights. None of my books was spotted in the hands of anyone cool or famous. Sigh. But, hey, some nice things happened.



Shortlisted for the Red Maple Award (Forest of Reading)

Shortlisted for the Sunburst Award (Canadian Literature of the Fantastic)


Lucky Jonah

Shortlisted for Snow Willow Award (Saskatchewan Readers’ Choice)

Shortlisted for Red Maple Award (Ontario Forest of Reading)

Starred selection in the CBC’s Best Books for Kids and Teens


Downside Up

Selected for the Ontario Library Association’s Summer Reading List by a team of readers from across Ontario


Ink Me

“A brilliant story” – CanLit For Little Canadians blog

“An exciting story with a lot of hearty laughs.” – CM Magazine

“Clever in its execution and wise in its thematic treatment.” – Resource Links


The Wolf And Me

“Playfully and smartly written…An all-round rollicking read.” – Resource Links

“Bunny’s indomitable spirit makes him a likable, one-of-a-kind narrator…Readers will respond to this improbable, deeply sympathetic hero.” – Kirkus Reviews

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