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A Nose For Adventure

A Nose For Adventure

Norbert, everyone's favorite alien from Jupiter, is back! Alan is off to New York, where his father will meet him for some "quality" time together. There are some snags, though. First, his father isn't at the airport. Then there's his cranky seatmate, Frieda, who is almost kidnapped. Sally, an abandoned mutt, joins the scene, and finally, Norbert is back. ...when you're lost in New York City being chased by bad guys, you need all the help you can get!

“A hilarious, exciting roller coaster of evasions, captures, and escapes…Snappy dialogue, humor, and clever plotting provide a rollicking adventure, with a subtext reminding readers to be sensitive to the feelings, concerns, and abilities of others.”

- Booklist

“Never a dull moment!”

- Vancouver Sun

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