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Downside Up

Downside Up

Downside Up is a grief story, but it's also weird and wacky and will make you laugh. Our hero Fred travels to a parallel world in order to visit his dead dog. Think Wrinkle In Time meets Old Yeller. The supporting cast is especially strong - Fred's angry big sister, his funny alternate self, a take-charge neighbor gal, a couple of dragons, and a mysterious guest star. Without doubt my saddest book yet - but maybe my truest too.

"What Scrimger does with Downside Up is present a story with just enough quirk and humour to balance the more serious issues. Whether a child has experienced the loss of a loved one or not, this book will resonate with its universal message of finding ways to cope with difficult situations."

- Quill & Quire

"As the dimensional differences increase and the author introduces more and more fantastical elements, readers have a sure footing in their emotional connection to Fred, allowing the author to introduce some strange, Miyazaki-esque ideas and imagery with ease."

- Kirkus Reviews

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