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Ink Me

Ink Me

Ink Me is a tragicomedy – it’s funny all right, but a whole lot of things go wrong and the ending isn’t conventionally happy. Bunny (his real name is Bernard but no one calls him that) is a special-needs teen who writes in a wacky phonetic style. Things happen to Bunny kind of by accident. He doesn’t really know what’s going on a lot of the time. Like the other grandsons in the 7 series, Bunny is given a task by his dead grandfather.

“an enjoyable fable of Toronto gang life recorded in believable, phonetically spelled prose... Most intellectually disabled characters in children's fiction are siblings or pals whose treatment by other characters signals their compassion or otherwise. Bunny's a rare hero—not on anyone's journey but his own.”

- Kirkus Reviews

"He bumbles along, and we get so caught up in his absurd adventures, his crazy misunderstandings, that we are compelled to read on and on... If that isn't the mark of a good book, I don't know what is."

- CM Magazine

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