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Into The Ravine

Into The Ravine

Here is another book you may consider getting for your favourite youngster. This book is thrilling, for children and young adults alike. Touching on thoughts, feelings, fears and questions that arise in childhood, Into The Ravine presents believable characters kids will identify with. Boys will be boys, and the boys in this story are no different--they are daring and not afraid of getting into a little trouble.

"This delightfully picaresque novel ... has the ring of truth -- even great truths. Most of all, it's a tale told with considerable verve by a memorable character."

- Globe & Mail

"Scrimger’s complete control of plot and pacing, coupled with his gift for comedy, especially in the voice of Jules, hold it all together. Both funny and suspenseful, Into the Ravine is another winner from an author who knows how to appeal to young readers of both genders."

- Quill & Quire

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