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Noses Are Red

Noses Are Red

Norbert - the tiny, cocoa-sipping, wisecracking alien from Jupiter is back! Norbert is back, and his unlikely host is Alan Dingwall, not the bravest boy on the planet Earth. Alan is off on a camping trip with his good friend, Victor. Clear blue lakes and ghost stories around the campfire. Should be fun, right? The woods are full of dangers and the boys encounter them all in one hilarious misadventure after another. It's up to Norbert to help Alan find his way out of the forest.

“With entertaining characters, witty dialogue, and wry observations, this fast-paced novel supports the notion, seldom acknowledged in children’s books, that Mother doesn’t always know best.”

- Booklist

“The third installment in Richard Scrimger’s hilarious “Nose” series…is a fine addition to the Scrimger oeuvre!”

- Books in Canada

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