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Princess Bun Bun

Princess Bun Bun

Winifred, Eugene, and baby Bun Bun are off to visit their uncle, who lives in the Castle Apartments. What could be more thrilling for a little girl who is enchanted by princesses? When Bun Bun, who's just learned to walk, totters into an elevator alone, big sister Winifred comes to the rescue. As they go up and up and up in the modern-day tower, they have adventures fit for any princess: an encounter with a hairy monster, a scary witch, and even a beautiful princess. Or do they?

"Scrimger has taken the ordinary experience of going up an elevator and turned it into a fairy-tale adventure with amusing action and dialogue. The events are almost plausible from a child’s point of view, yet the story is fresh and fun, and can be enjoyed many times over. "

- Quill & Quire

"This is a light but involving read that nicely portrays how a child can affect her environment for it is Winifred’s aplomb and fancy that keeps the situation from turning panicky."

- Kirkus Reviews

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