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Still Life With Children

Still Life With Children

Richard Scrimger's hilarious musings on family life capture all the joys and frustrations peculiar to parenthood. Taking care of the kids will never be the same!

"Scrimger has a sweet, gentle, self-deprecating voice, and his love for his children permeates every page. He proudly wears his heart on his sleave, right next to the mustard stain."

- The Toronto Star

"Let me get this straight. Richard Scrimger is a stay-at-home dad who bakes cookies, looks after four children, dreams happily about stacks of clean, folded laundry, shops for tablesettings, and makes his kids' Hallowe'en costumes. I can't decide whether he should be killed or cloned. The fact that he's so funny may well save his life."

- Judith Timson (author of Family Matters)

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