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The Almost Epic Squad: Irresistible

The Almost Epic Squad: Irresistible

Cody staggers away from a particularly brutal beating, and collapses in front of Autumn. Can she walk away? Can he accept her charity? Can this odd couple learn enough about themselves and each other to become … friends? Who would believe it?

"The bumbling villains and oblivious hero make a wacky comedy perfectly aimed at an audience that loves slapstick and the occasional super uncool socially inappropriate kid. Wacky, Irresistible won’t be for everyone, but it will be irresistible to some. It could make a great read-aloud."

- CM Magazine

"Readers will be riveted to this high-adventure, howlingly funny story that never misses a beat. This is the fourth release in a four-book series that can be read in any order."

- McNallyRobinson

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