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The Boy From Earth

The Boy From Earth

More of the chronicles of Norbert – the tiny wisecracking alien from Jupiter! Norbert from Jupiter has a problem - his sweetheart, Princess Nerissa, has been kidnapped by an evil giant and confined to the Lost Schloss. The trouble is, no one on Jupiter knows how to find her. Norbert has helped his earthly friend, Alan Dingwall, through three adventures, and now the tables are turned: Norbert needs Alan's help to find the Lost Schloss and free the princess.

“Richard Scrimger is a funny man…The writing is confident and droll. There’s only one word for the storyline: unique.”

- Vancouver Sun

“Not only is this book delightfully funny, but it is equally to be described as just plain FUN! The Boy From Earth has a brisk-paced plot with a unique and interesting setting.”

- Books in Canada

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