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The Wolf And Me

The Wolf And Me

Bunny is back... It's the winter holidays, and the cousins from 7 The Series are gathered at Grampa's cottage when they discover a secret stash of fake passports, money, and guns. It looks like Grampa was a spy. But was he like James Bond, working for the 'good' guys, or was he a double agent? The cousins head off around the world to investigate. Bunny doesn't care. He wants to go skating. And that's when things go badly wrong. There are huge surprises along the way. Trust me. Huge.

"Bunny’s story is more adventure and less mystery. And while the chain of events at times seems unlikely, Bunny is enough to keep the pages turning. Readers will respond to this improbable, deeply sympathetic hero."

- Kirkus Reviews

"I like Bunny. He bumbles along, and we get so caught up in his absurd adventures, his crazy misunderstandings, that we are compelled to read on and on."

- CM Magazine

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