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Bob and Evil-O (her name is Olive but she spells it backwards) have a strange new classmate this year. Imre is the only kid who gets bused to school. He is small and quiet and kind of gloomy and Evil-O really likes him. Bob doesn't -- and it's not because he's jealous. Well, not much. When the news breaks that Imre is actually undead, he becomes an international celebrity and a focus for protest.

"A thoroughly original, quirky, and highly entertaining story, this book is classic Scrimger. Without any trace of earnestness, he turns the story of Imre into an allegory on xenophobia, a touching story of friendship, and a somewhat campy adventure that taps into, and yet subverts, kids’ love of horror and monsters. Zomboy is a highly original and substantial book, and fans of Scrimger will not be disappointed."

- Canadian Review of Materials

"Award-winning author and perennial favourite, Richard Scrimger, returns with wit, gore, and zany zombie antics in Zomboy, a humourous spoof of the modern quest for an inclusive society."

- Readerly / National Reading Campaign

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