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All Caught Up

James Bond says that the loser’s loss is bigger than the winner’s gain. I don’t often agree with 007’s life views, but this one seems true to me to. Losing ten dollars (I play for lower stakes than le Chiffre) is a bigger deal than winning twenty.

The same is true when my sports team comes through – or doesn’t. Sure, Kawhi’s buzzer-beater was amazing, but ask any Leaf fan about that Boston series a few springs ago – about that 3rd period where that safe lead evaporated – y’all know which one I mean. The feelings of loss, of being robbed at the last moment – are stronger than the joy of watching the boys come through. Is there a sexual comparison? No comment from me. None whatsoever. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

The point of this post is that James Bond is wrong when it comes to writing. Sure, the loss of a day’s work is maddening. But the feeling when you’ve caught up to where you were -- and you realize that the new work is actually better than the old – the combination of relief and exhilaration -- is bigger than the loss.

That was my day today. The opening scene between Cody and his dad ended with Cody on his own. The reader has a clearer understanding of why the books starts here, and Cody has a stronger motivation for what might be coming. I dealt with a problem I didn’t even know I had.

In short: woo hoo!

I sent the chapter off to Melanie a few moments ago. The advantage of writing a book with someone else is that you can breathe while they are typing.


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