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I'm a lumberjack and I'm confused

So it's my second blog day. I feel like I'm in a forest chopping down trees and no one is hearing them fall. But they are noisy, dammit. Berkeley can say what I wants, I know what I know. Just as well a ton of people aren't responding to me yet, since I have no idea how to get back to them. Navigating this world o'blogging is easy, my web guy says. Sure it is, I tell him. But whenever I click on POST or PUBLISH, or RESPND, the words disappear. Publish or perish, they say, and I'm perishing. Oh well, maybe this one will get through. A (surely) common question: how on earth do serious bloggers (and I am soooo not a serious blogger) get any work done? I can imagine this process getting addictive; caring more and more about detailing my daily life, sharing it with the (two, so far) people who visit my site. But it is not paying the bills. All right, maybe just one more paragraph. Then I must get back to work. Into The Ravine is in copy edit. This means that for the next few weeks I will be immersed in the minutiae of commas and m-dashes and foolish consistencies. So my hero appears in different colouored shorts halfway through the book -- so why can't he change? Dr Watson has two names in the Sherlock Holmes books. And two different war injuries. Who cares? I don't. All right, I'll go now. See you tomorrow. Keep those cards and letters coming.


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