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I never know all that’s going to happen in my story before I started writing. I have a general idea of plot, and a main character with a voice (very important, that voice) and I start in. Slowly.

If the novel is a roller-coaster ride, this part of the writing is uphill. I clank along, considering various possibilities. What about this or that or the other? What about him or her or them? What about here or there or elsewhere?  

I get ideas, make choices, surprise myself, and eventually … clank, clank, clank … come to a point where I know all I need to know in order to finish the book.

This is the highest point of the ride. No more data will be needed.  It’s all downhill from here.

Which is where I am (and I hope Mel is too!) with the Camp Fundament book. We’ve got the various pieces in place. It’s time for gravity to take over. We can let go and throw our hands in the air.

Exorcism? WHEEEEE!  


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