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Who you calling a planner?

Am I writing? Yes. I do not have a daily word quota, but I find time to write most days. Maybe not tomorrow, when a minor plumbing emergency will take centre stage. (Life, am I right?)

I have not added to the Belongingness novel for the past few days. It is Melanie’s turn. She wrote a chapter she didn’t quite like, and is taking a step back to re-connect with the plan we came up with a month or two ago. I’m cool letting her decide where to go next. I left things open for her at the end of my last chapter. Her decision (what the other girls are saying about Autumn) will affect Cody in the next chapter, and she wants to be sure of her decision and also to look farther down the road.

Melanie is more of a planner than I am. Which is a good thing. Writing a book is like going on vacation, and I’m a “Let’s jump in the car and see where we end up” kind of guy. It’s nice to have someone making reservations and booking tickets. When I worked with Marthe Jocelyn a few years ago, she turned out to be more of a planner than I am – which was a very good thing.

So what does a writer do when it’s not their turn to produce? What am I doing now?

As it happens, I have another project on the go. This one is a book about writing, and I am working through the substantive edit I got from Samantha at Tundra. The book, titled Your Story Matters. Yes It Does is designed to be super-practical. As you read, you learn about the writing process and also write a story of your own, step by step by step.

Doesn’t sound like me, does it? We’ll see. Anyway, I want to bring y’all up to date. All for now. When there’s more to report, I’ll check back in.


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