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Writing Life Excitement!

Here’s an update on the Camp Fundament book.

Nothing to report.

A large part of the writing process is waiting for people to get back to you. Send off a manuscript and wait to hear if they like it. Send off a rewrite and wait to have a meeting about what they like and don’t like about it.  Have that  meeting and wait to get specifics about what to change.

That’s what’s happening now. Erin is doing her good works on other mss. Ours is coming soon, she says.

Am I bored? No way. I have lots to worry about. Income tax. Elder care. Dangerous wiring issues in the house.  

Also another couple of manuscripts I have sent out and am waiting to hear about.

The life of this writer seldom includes unexploded bombs and car chases and hot sex scenes and saving democracy.  Mostly, it includes waiting.


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