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all you need is need

Due to a faulty link-up somewhere, I have been unable to log into the blogger site for the last few days. You, my faithful, my casual, my passing through and happened to notice -- all of you have been temporarily Scrimgerless. Sorry. But I'm back now.

I'd blame sympatico, but it wouldn't do any good. Also, it would turn me into the guy who says, It wasn't my fault. God, I hate that guy. I used to work at a restaurant where the maitre d' was that guy -- actually, that girl. The first words out of her mouth when you reported a problem were always about how it was really your fault or the kitchen's fault or the owner's fault or due to the traffic or the weather ... and all you wanted was to make sure someone knew about the problem so it could be fixed. I have a real soft spot for anyone who can volunteer to take responsibility for error. A simple, Oops, my bad. Or, Yeah, that was me. Works wonders for interpersonal relations, and saves all that time in finding ways to cover your ass and allot blame.

So, sorry. There. Moving on to new business. Actually, old business. I left you all hanging on the relationship between love and need. It's not an original question, but I've given it some thought and have to say ... I dunno. Can you lead a normal life without need? Cigarettes are expensive, time consuming, and a source of pleasure and pain. They keep you up late, get you up early, and when you are without them you worry about them. But all these things could be said of children. You'd be better off without cigarettes. But you wouldn't be better off without children. So?... (I'm making that gesture here with both hands out, like, Go on....) Is there something in us that craves need? Maybe love is just the meeting of two needs. Isn't that romantic -- need makes the world go round. Need is blind. Need means never having to say you're sorry.

If you think of a life without need -- lots of money and time, no one depending on you, sunshine and a good digestion, acquaintances to laugh with but not care about -- it sounds ideal. Or does it? (Actually, it does.) But it doesn't sound interesting. At least not to me. It sounds like a diet of pudding, or the Garden of Eden. I mean, what kind of story is it where nothing goes wrong? Thank God for the Serpent, I say.


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