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Artists Being Not Too Badly

My latest chapter is one of those ‘artist at work’ sequences, where we see Kyle actually fashioning a short video from B roll. Hard to make this kind of thing interesting. Artists are more fun when they’re behaving badly with models or bottles or knives. Actually, anyone is more fun to read about when they’re behaving badly. I did my best for Kyle, adding jargon and mistakes and physical comedy. It’s fine.

The original plan for this chapter had Kyle and Adele in trouble, hauled before the camp authorities for demonic possession. Think ‘The Exorcist,’ only with more jokes and less vomit.

But it would have been too soon. Those scenes are going to be nasty. We have to get the video out into the world first.

So the chapter I just handed to Mel returns to my recent theme of surprise – meaning a change of plan. Her chapter back will take the change of plan further. Then the kids can get in serious trouble.

That’ll be more fun to read and write.


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