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The writing life, part 1748 (a number I just made up, because spontaneous invention to answer a question is part of the writing mind set). What, you may ask, have you and Melanie been doing about your new book? How many pages have you produced? How about new characters, plot points, crises?

Good questions. Here’s a less good answer.

None. Not a single one. No new plot points. No pages. We still don’t know what to call the book. (Camp FUNdament is our working title. ‘Can’t spell Fundament without fun,’ or, more likely, ‘Can’t spell Fundamental without mental.’)

Welcome to the writing life, where sometimes there’s more life than writing. I have a family and a gall bladder and a teaching job where administration can change the rules suddenly and to no good purpose. I won’t name the college because my boss is a good one and admin is the enemy, and also because it would be indiscreet, but the name rhymes with ‘lumber.’

Back to the book. Our new editor, Amanda, seems optimistic despite our lack of recent progress. This’ll be fun, she says.

Hopeful Amanda. We’ll see how she feels in six months.


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