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AtThe Speed Of ...

Did I mention that I have another book coming out soon, and that I’d talk about it? I am not comfy with self-promotion, but this is my website and you’re only here because you want to be. So here goes.

It’s called At The Speed Of Gus. Scholastic is bringing it out this fall. That’s the cover over there. You can probably pre-order it now if you want.

The first draft was easy. I just punched a hole in the top of my brain and poured. Gus thinks a whole lot like me.

The problem is that not everyone wants to hang out with me. I talk fast and random, can’t follow a train of thought for more than a station or two, and see several sides to every question. And – let’s face it - cannibalism puts off a lot of folks. No getting around that.

So the first draft needed changing. Mostly it needed to be slower. My agent said she couldn’t breathe when she read it. Fine, I said. And added a few moments of calm. And then a few more.

The story is Gus’ journey to visit his sister. The elevator pitch would involve Catcher In The Rye being told by Robin Williams if only I had his talent, or Salinger’s for that matter.

I wrote the book for people who don’t fit. For me and anyone – anyone else – concerned about mental health and self-uncertainty. What if they never? Why would anyone? Should I? Who would want to? And of course for cannibals.

There’s a promotional video Scholastic wants me to feature. Here it is.

Hey, that wasn’t so bad. Next up is Mel and me talking about our Bible Camp book. Serious brainstorming session scheduled for Friday. I'll keep you posted.


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