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I got through my next chapter. We’re near the end now, working towards the big scene.

If this were a quiz show, Melanie and I are now on the lightning round. If it were a game of catch, we’re shortening the distance between us and speeding up the back-and-forth. (And if I were trying to sound cool, I wouldn't be using the subjunctive mood.)

I think we know where the story is going. What we haven't yet figured out is the way the whole plan is going to fall apart. Because, according to standard plot theory, there should be a last-minute 'clusterpuck' before everything is resolved.

Sidebar: Of course I was using the term as a euphemism. I thought I'd made it up. I was going to make a joke reference to the 3d period of a close contest where the losing team throws everything at the net.

Turns out that Clusterpuck 99 exists. It's a mildly popular cross-platform game of skill and angles that looks like a blend of marbles and storming a castle. Live and learn.


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