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Drown The Puppy

I spent yesterday not writing. Couldn't focus. Then the drugs kicked in. Shame, guilt - those drugs. I sat down and banged out a page and a half of useful material, finishing at two in the morning. Which makes it either an eighteen-hour day (all the time I tried to work) or a two-hour day (the time I got anything done). My world and welcome to it.

Today was a little more conventional. Type, pace, read Mary Wesley novel (soooo good), type, eat snack, watch news, type. I’m halfway through the chapter and done for the day.

But I don’t know about the last scene. My guy’s running away from home, and a little sentimentality would fit the mood. I tried it, but I don’t really like it.

I know sentimentality sells. I get it. John Green, Jenny Han, et al. make more from royalties in a day than I do in three careers. But I’m the one shaking my head at myself in the mirror. BTW, this is not a knock on Green or Han. I admire their authenticity as much as their sales figures. They are convincing as sentimentalists. I would not be.

Here is a version of a chat I have had with several editors.

Me: D’you think that scene with the puppy is too sentimental?

Editor: No.

Me: Are you sure? Playing fetch? Seems pretty soppy.

Editor: It’s fine. It’s good.

Me: I’m going to rewrite it and drown the puppy.

Editor: NO!

We’ll have to see if today’s leaving-home scene survives rewrite.


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