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Are you wondering about our religious camp story? Probably not. It’s the end of the year. You’re worrying -- about holidays and food and drink and family, keeping everyone happy and not letting your intolerant (insert relation) spoil things. And the world, because either you’re living in crisis right now, or lucky enough to live away from crisis for today but know that we’re all ultimately on the same hook. And maybe having a little bit of fun yourself.

Of course you are. Me too.

But I’m also wondering about our religious camp story. Because things are about to get dire. Kyle and Adele are working on a project that will raise eyebrows and make news. Does it involve more male arousal? No. (I was going to make a joke here – raising more than eyebrows or something – but that’s too easy. And I appear to have just made it.) Does the project involve anything else that might get the book cancelled or us in trouble?

Depends. Could anyone get upset about a miracle? I don’t see how. Miracles are good, right? Who doesn’t like miracles? I hope your holidays are full of them. Hey, maybe intolerant (insert relation) will open their heart.

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