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Loris Lane

Whew is the word. I had a lot of info to get across in the last chapter. The decision tree had a number of options. I tried branch after branch that didn’t take me far enough, so I had to get back to the trunk and try again. And as a writer (also as a tree climber) I resemble the slow loris, perhaps my favorite nocturnal strepsirrhine primate.

I finally chose a branch that was sturdy and long and not rotten. Whew.  I even found a nice moment at the end of the chapter, working in the trope of the minister asking if anyone in the crowd has any reason to object …. and guess what? Someone does.

To paraphrase Chandler, when in doubt have someone come into the room with a surprise.

My partner moves through the trees like a squirrel.  So I’ll be back at it again soon.


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