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not a lot of time today ...

I should have a dedicated function key - F12, maybe - that I would push anytime I wanted to say, Not a lot of time today, since I am behind on my rewrite. It's the phrase I seem to be using often these days, along with Sorry, I can't ... and I'd love to come, but ... and How much is that test going to cost (there's a sigh that goes with this one -- I've been having trouble with the car).

So, not much time to chat today, since ... you know. Mind you, I don't actually like the idea of speed keys in life. I'd like to be able to slow down because it would mean I was better organized and on time.

And a speed key would definitely take you away from the moment you were in. I'm against that, I think. As far as choice goes, I'm for enjoying the moments, not wishing I could get to the next one. Even boring moments waiting for overdue airplanes, or scary moments waiting for overdue children. Murdering time is a crime. (Except maybe during dentistry. Painful moments are not worth much. I'd acquit anyone who managed to murder time in pain.)

The topic for today was supposed to be about living my life backwards (speaking of time), since I am finding myself more and more frequently in positions I have not occupied in decades. Part of it is being single again again (oh come on, people! Get your minds out of the gutter. I'm not talking about those positions). And part of it has to do with being carless -- no, that's not a typo, though I am careless as well -- since it's in the shop getting tested for things, and when it isn't my daughter's claims seem more urgent than mine. Living in a small town I can get around by bicycle, and my particular vehicle of choice is a lawn-sale special of a vintage I remember from my own youth. The last Raleigh 3-speed I owned took me to and from a summer job scooping ice cream. Come to think of it, that bike and I were hit by a car too ...

More later. Sorry to leave you in suspense, but I've got to go. You know why.


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