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primp and go

I only have a few minutes before my plane, so I thought I would take this opportunity to avoid my zombies and say farewell to you all until the weekend. I'm off to Calgary for Wordfest where I'll be delivering breathtakingly brilliant presentations in pin-dropping silence to packed auditoria ... or something like that. I like the green rooms they provide for the presenters, with snacks and drinks and a mirror (so important -- unless I get a last-minute primp I can't go on). Makes me feel like a rock star.

I thought I had way more time, but just got a call from my publicist who said: you do know that your plane leaves at 2:00, don't you? I laughed with considerable charm and calm. Of course I do, I said. That's why I'm out the door right now ... so I'll say goodbye.

And I hung up the phone and threw all my clean clothes in a suitcase and grabbed the car keys and cell phone and was about to dash out the door when I remembered my commitment to you, my blog readers. So as the minutes tick down I will remind you all to drive safely and floss daily and hug your children. And be enthusiastic. One of my favorite minutes this long weekend was my daughter Thea deciding to harvest it up, as she put it, and setting the table with fall-patterned paper plates and napkins. With a pitcher of Shirley Temples and a platter of turkey and yams and stuffing, my place has never looked more festive. Later on we were all watching a horror movie, and Thea got so enthusiastic she had to hide behind a pillow.

Shoot! That's all for now. There's just time for one more primp on my way out.


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