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rare day in the life

So it's official.  For the first time in I don't know how long my in basket is empty.  After an eternity of struggle, catching up to demand of editors, students, teacher librarians, I am looking at a blank screen. I am reminded of the moments when my young children were all in good places.  There was usually someone in some kind of need.  But not always.  Every now and then I would look up in the middle of my day, run through the list, and realize that all four of them were okay. Healthy and happy, up-to-date in terms of shots, cavities, homework, haircuts, clothes, and birthday presents. (Yes, I know.  No one was starving or drowning, abused or at war.  No one had cancer.  These are healthy first-worlder concerns. I was and am aware of the little-league aspect of my worry life.)  I remember feeling - for those few hours - off the parental hook. As I do now, workwise.  How long will this state last?  Not very.  There's manuscripts due back any day now, students to ment, and Christmas is coming.  So I must make a point of enjoying it. Hallelujah.

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