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News dump last night. Hardworking Anne has finished editing the manuscript. It’s back on our desks and we have one week to go through, to note our disagreements, and return the script to Scholastic.

No more waiting. It’s hurry-up time.

I shouldn’t even be lollygagging around talking to you guys like this. I should be hunkered over the manuscript, frowning, biting my nails, tapping my concerns.

But I thought I’d let you know the state of play. That’s what this year-long series of posts has been about. The montage in a movie bio where the writer looks out the window, scribbles or types furiously, does some coffee, deletes furiously, does more coffee, also cocaine and random pharmaceuticals, then types some more, presses SEND and falls into bed, waking up when the box of free copies arrives and the promos begin – the average writer’s life is not like that. Mine sure isn’t.

Except for the coffee.

Oh, one more thing. I can tell you the name of the book now. That’ll make it easier to pre-order.

The publishing powers that be have agreed with our suggestions. (Shout out to my SEO-writing kid.) The official title is …



Anyone ordering Alice Munro’s RUNAWAY by accident will at least receive another good book. If anyone orders ours by accident, thinking they are getting Munro, well, tough.

Anyone who ends up with Kanye’s song – why are you even reading this?


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