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Scenic Drive - For A Change

You know those car commercials set on a scenic highway, with the top down and just enough wind to move the model’s hair in an artful frame around her face. Sun, gentle curves, ocean on one side and snow-capped mountains in the distance, broad smiles at the open road ahead.

And when I say ‘those’ car commercials, I mean almost all car commercials.

Writing is not like this. Writing is a journey, but we’re not in that kind of car on that kind of highway. Mostly we’re in a noisy banger on a narrow road through a built-up neighborhood, with no gas and the CHECK ENGINE light flashing. Stop and go traffic, with lots of stop and not much go.

Which is why I check in here occasionally with a non report. Another day (or week or what have you) of no progress.

But not this time.

For the past couple of weeks, Mel and I have been in a (for now – fingers crossed – good thing I’m not superstitious or I wouldn’t dare admit it) bit of a zone. The book is well begun. Sure there’s stuff to change: characters pop in and out of character, some dialogue is on the nose, some phrases are clunky.

But there’s a flow. I just handed in Chapter (oops, forgot to number it) 14, I think. We’re about to introduce ‘the thing’ – the plot point that will define the book’s direction.

For now, the road is clear and the car is running well. Let’s enjoy this stage of the drive.


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