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single handed

All zombied up for today, so I thought I'd check in with my faithful before hitting the hay. Not used to posting late at night. My mind seems duller, my body fuller, my breath staler than usual for blogging. Fortunately, I have the vocal stamina of a marathoner. I feel I can chat endlessly -- on and on without getting the least bit tired. You feel like that when you get your second wind while running -- suddenly your way seems clear, your life is in balance, and your muscles are ready to stretch and contract indefinitely. (And when I say you feel like that, I mean you. I don't. I feel like crap all the way through my run. The best part of running is having run.) But I chat better than I run -- or at least more often. I like it more. For me, the best part of chatting is hearing the other person laugh, so that it can be your turn to chat again. I was on the phone for a long time last night, and my ear got tired from pressing against the receiver, but I was in fine voice all the way through.

While on the subject, are you ear-specific when on the phone? Me, I'm a right-ear guy (though not like the guy in the picture). When I got sore last night, I tried to hold the phone against my other (that would be my left) ear. The voice felt wrong. The phone felt wrong. I switched back. I'm so right-handed. Good thing I don't smoke -- I'd burn the place down trying to light up with my wrong hand while on the phone.

I don't know anyone who can use either hand on the phone. Some things just seem unnatural if attempted with the wrong hand, and telephoning is one of them. (We'll leave the subject there for now.) Back to hitting the hay, which prompts the question: why hay? Who sleeps in hay? I'm not sure of the difference between hay and straw (such a city boy), but I thought animals mostly used hay for feed.

Enough metaphors. I'm going to bed.


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