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Hi There!

Welcome to my updated website. Bright colours, easy navigation, mostly new jokes. I’m about the same. Still chatty, over-caffeinated, and running late. Still bad at social media. Still as surprised by the world as I look in this old picture (my hair is gray and I have different glasses, but this may give the truest idea of me). Recent news: I remembered to renew my driver’s licence and pay the phone bill. Want to know anything more about me? You’re in the right place.


Are you sitting down? You'd better be. Because this trailer will Blow You Away.  (Seriously, it's pretty epic. Try not to giggle.) 

Richard Scrimger is the award-winning author of more than 20 books, mostly for children. He teaches creative writing at Humber College in Toronto, and travels around telling audiences that stories matter. His recent novels feature an ‘irresistible’ superhero, a magic camera, and the back end of Laura Secord’s cow. On a personal note, he is right-handed. Do not follow @richardscrimger


Resources For Teachers

Some of my books come with professional study guides. These are free to use or adapt. If you want your own bespoke Teacher’s Guide to any of my books, get in touch with me. I’ll share my draft notes. All my work is teachable. I write to make people laugh -- and think.

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