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After-dinner conversation overheard through my office window. Ed and a friend on the back porch, talking about a concert in Toronto the following night ... ED - We're going to miss the last train home. For sure. FRIEND - What're we going to do? I don't want to leave the show early. ED - I know. How about staying overnight? FRIEND - In the city? Could get expensive. E - No man, my brother and sister and grandparents live there. I'll just call up. F - At 2 in the morning? E - Well, not my grandparents. F - Cool. But there's like five of us. How big a place does your brother have? E - Doesn't matter. There's a couch and a floor and a bath tub. Better than nothing. F - What about your sister? E - Maybe. But it's easier with my brother. We can just show up. Mind you, he gets up real early to go to work. He's going to be pissed. F - You sure we can do this? E - Totally. You don't have a brother, do you. Trust me, we can do it. F - Oh. Okay. A beautiful late summer evening. The breeze was picking up, carrying with it a hint of earth and cool. The boys were talking excitedly about a TV show. I smiled and went back to work.


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